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Cover of the September-October 2008 issue


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The Trickle-Up crisis

Editor’s note by Graham F. Scott [Read more]

The new face of porn

A new generation of feminists are reclaiming porn, both as consumers and producers. A (very) intimate journey
By Alison Lee [Read more]

All that glitters

One photojournalist witnesses the toxic effects of Canadian gold mining on three remote Philippine communities
By Alex Felipe [Read more]

Buzz bows out

After 16 years leading the CAW, Buzz Hargrove is moving on. He may be retiring, but that doesn't mean he's shy.
By Craig Saunders [Read more]


Profile: Fighting AIDS, one day at a time
Dr. Jane Philpott's campaign turns a day's pay into much more By Heather Kohlmann

Easily missed: Small arms mean big trouble
Arms-deal secrecy is ruining Canada's reputation By Jenn Hardy

Whatever happened to: The anti-fur movement? Pelted with abuse
Despite '80s activism, fur is back — and raking it in By Melissa Wilson

Easily missed: Discs bring risks
Vinyl records' resurgence means more toxic PVC By Jesse Kinos-Goodin

List: Mythbustiers
What's real and what's fake in the porno biz? By Lindsay Kneteman

Argument: Get ships into shape
Making treatment mandatory would protect fragile great lakes By Craig Saunders

Graphic: Merchants of death
[Link opens PDF file] By Derek Rosin

Law: At the dark end of the street
It's time to legalize and regulate sex work By Peter Tupper

Politics: A house divided
Elected senators are a 21st century no-brainer By Bruce M. Hicks

Economics: Paved with money
Free-flowing infrastructure funds are tempting targets for cash-strapped cities By Ellen Russell


Profile: Straight outta' Limoilou
Quebec City rapper Webster is a hip hop historian By Sandra Jackson-Opoku

Manifesto: Not-so-quiet revolution
By Jordan Himelfarb

Documentary: Painting the town
By Sarah Colgrove

Read This: Dora Borealis
by Daccia Bloomfield
Review by Andre Bovee-Begun

Film: Graphic, but not so novel
Not all comic-book adaptations are created equal By Dorothy Woodend

Books: Canadian books under attack
Sometimes by their authors By John Degen

Web: Sins of
This sensational blog is addictive. But is it feminist? By Chandler Levack

Then & now: Drawn and quartered
Reading the signs of economic downturn By Lynn Cunningham

Letters to the editor

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